Cigala & Tango. Gran Rex: El Cigala’s Argentinian adventure now on DVD


After enjoying Diego El Cigala’s latest album, music lovers now have the opportunity to see it on DVD. “Cigala & Tango. Gran Rex”, on sale now, presents Diego’s Buenos Aires concert at which he recorded his latest work. An evening during which flamenco and tango joined hands.

The DVD, distributed by Avalon and also available in Blu-Ray format, contains the full-length Buenos Aires concert, including four tracks that are not on the Cigala&Tango album, the documentary film Corrientes 938, and a videoclip of the song En esta tarde gris. The documentary, which runs for 42 minutes, is directed by the Argentinian photographer and producer Claudio Divella. It shows the rehearsals before the concert, which were held in the Buenos Aires house in which Diego and his fellow Spanish musicians stayed while they prepared Cigala&Tango. The film also contains El Cigala’s meeting with the accordionist Néstor Marconi, the guitarist Juanjo Domínguez and singer Andrés Calamaro, who joined him in this new musical adventure.

The video of the concert, 76 minutes long, presents the unforgettable concert that El Cigala performed in the Gran Rex theatre of Buenos Aires last April, and which ended with a standing ovation from the 3000+ crowd which filled the legendary theatre. A very special performance at which El Cigala and his Spanish and Argentinian fellow musicians interpreted classics from the Argentinian repertoire such as Las cuarenta, Sus ojos se cerraron and Tomo y obligo and contemporary creations like Garganta con arena, by Cacho Castaña. In addition, it contains four tracks which do not appear on the album: Tema de Amor, from the soundtrack of The Godfather), San Migueles, El Chorrito and Dos Gardenias.

With the DVD comes a 24-page booklet on the concert with text by Claudio Divella, the lyrics of the songs interpreted during the performance and also several reviews of the event.


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Claudio Divella's official web site


Review of the DVD at ">
Videos and audios included in the El Cigala en Buenos Aires special, at El Pais

Article in Rolling Stone magazine on the concert at the Teatro Gran Rex de Buenos Aires

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